Save up to 50% budget on manufacture and assembly due to accurate drawings, developed by 3D models. Working in Russia and around the world.
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design institutes
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Design bureau «VOLKOV-KB».

More than 10 years expirience
Own staff of engineers
— 6 months
It is possible to conclude contracts both for  a fixed amount of work, and  with hourly payment. Flexible pricing. Stable conditions for regular customers.
Exact deadlines for fulfilling obligations.
At  the first stage, it is important to correctly determine the development vector. The engineers of the design bureau will draw up a detailed estimate and  plan the timing of the work on the  day of the customer’s request.
Engineers undergo regular retraining and  work in  programs: “SolidWorks”, “Inventor”, “CREO”, “Kompas”, “AutoCad”, “Lira”, “Vault”, “Lotsman”, “SWE- PDM";
Professional engineering consultations.
We work with all popular CAD, CAE, PDM systems.
All work is performed only by company employees. No “My cat is sick” or “The country has declared a holiday.”
Own staff of designers.
VOLKOV-KB uses modern computer technologies to control the assembly of the product, its strength and rigidity. In addition, three-dimensional visualization allows the customer to regularly monitor the progress of work.
100% of our customers receive the first results of work within a week. There are no barriers for VOLKOV-KB: we will go to the site, take measurements, develop a 3D model and design documentation, perform strength calculations, select components, supervise production and installation.
We work only through full 3D design.
Result guarantees.

Company principles


Would you like to receive a calculation and estimate for design?
Answer 7 questions about your task and receive for free:
Options for solving the problem
Preliminary estimate
Approximate project completion time
Conversation with an experienced engineer
We provide consultations about the project, discuss terms and costs, draw up cost estimates
The agreed points of the  technical specifications form the basis of the cooperation agreement.
The main principle is the balance of price, quality, delivery time.
We create a 3D model of the future product.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Creating of tech. specifications
Selection of suppliers

Step by step to the result

We carry out strength calculations. We evaluate rigidity and stability, including under the influence of wind and snow loads. If necessary, we carry out calculations for seismic impact.
Each page of the document is checked and is brought into accordance with the requirements of GOST, ESKD, DIN, ISO, quality standards.
We provide assistance in interaction with the manufacturer and control production.
We carry out installation supervision, participate in testing and acceptance of work by the end customer
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Strength calculations
Documentation drawing
Production support
Supervised installation


Ball screw or chain drive, hydraulic cylinder or gear motor, asynchronous motor or servo drive? Here is a partial list of questions that need to be answered to get your machine moving. The engineering staff of the bureau does the impossible and designs drive systems with a power of hundreds of kilowatts. Among our achievements is the drive of the Gazprom Arena roll-out field.
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Delicately fitting a large number of different stage equipment into a limited space is not always easy. First of all, we do a 3D scan of the stage box. Then an accurate 3D model of the designed structures is superimposed on the “scan” of the scene. This approach allows not only to avoid annoying mistakes, but also  provides the ability to visually monitor the progress of design work for the  client. Metal structures are designed in the form of all-welded units from standard rolled products, which are assembled using bolted connections. The absence of cutting and welding during installation allows you to save money and nerves of the customer.
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Static decorations will not surprise anyone, but dynamically changing objects, transformation of space, radically changing the plot of the story can not only surprise, but and impress. Good scenography is an important component of the success of any performance or show. Our developments are used by the country's leading theaters. Everything that limits the capabilities of our engineers is the director’s imagination.
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Do you need to design a machine, a separate unit or equipment? You have come to the right address. We will disassemble the existing equipment screw by screw, take all the necessary dimensions with a specialized tool, look through competitors' catalogs, perform the necessary calculations for strength and rigidity, and prepare drawings. High-quality working documentation will give a new impetus to your business.
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Equipment for carrying out safe construction, finishing and installation work is always required. We are happy to help create lightweight and reliable structures for work at height. Mobile or stationary overpasses, large and small stepladders, towers, special-purpose scaffolding, quick-dismountable scaffolding made of aluminum—this is just a small list of the capabilities of the VOLKOV-KB design bureau.
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How to find an alternative to expensive, hard-to-find equipment or its spare parts? Reverse engineering  is an option that is definitely worth considering. We will disassemble your machine, take dimensions manually or using a 3D scanner, determine materials, heat treatment, coatings of individual parts and develop drawings for manufacturing. This approach allows you not only to get your own analogue of a reverse engineering object, but and to modernize it specifically for your tasks.
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Our engineers come from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The love for precise calculations, machines and mechanisms, dynamics and kinematics unites and motivates a well-coordinated team.
A team of ambitious engineers enjoys the birth of a project, solving a complex, responsible and multifaceted task. Each new work is a challenge: a challenge to modern technologies, design systems, and scientific achievements. And we are happy to confront such challenges at a decent level.
Completed projects
Head of Bureau
Regular customers
Engineer of various profiles
“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The secret of genius is work, perseverance and common sense."

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Nikolay Volkov
Thomas Alva Edison - World famous American inventor and entrepreneur.

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